JB Attachments offers you a great choice of quality earthmoving attachments and accessories, at great prices and with full back-up service, throughout Australia, New Zealand and Worldwide. 

JB Attachments' claim to fame is its innovative Quick Hitch technology.  Our experience, both practical and technical, gives us a depth of knowledge that underpins our work in developing new solutions - Innovating Down-Under.

Multi-Coupler Series 1

From the pioneers of quick-hitch technology comes the new generation quick-hitch JBA Multi-Coupler.  The JBA Multi-Coupler changes any attachment in seconds, connecting to all buckets in the same weight class. Its unique lightweight, low profile design greatly improves breakout force meaning greater production efficiency. Its patented positive mechanical locking system ensures safety with the elimination of human error and means less costly downtime.

PowerTilt Hitch

The PowerTilt® from JB Attachments sets the benchmark in tilt hitches. The PowerTilt uses innovative, sliding-spline operating technology to convert linear piston motion in to powerful shaft rotation. This enables you to achieve maximum tilt of up to 180 degrees.

We have incorporated the PowerTilt actuator into the innovative and practical JB Atta ...

JB Attachments Australia
59 Magnesium Drive, Crestmead, Brisbane.
QLD 4132 Australia

Phone: +61 7 3803 9400
Fax:+61 7 3803 7511

JB Attachments New Zealand
49 McLaughlins Road, Wiri, Auckland. New Zealand

Phone: +64 9 278 4863
Fax:+64 9 278 4864

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